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Laminate Vs Acrylic: What’s The Best for Your Kitchen.

Laminate Vs Acrylic: What’s The Best for Your Kitchen.

Posted on: November 13th, 2017

Cabinets are an important part of a kitchen. If you want your kitchen to look good, you must pay close attention to how your cabinets look.

See, there’s a whole range of cabinets that you can install. You can get them in different finishes, or different materials all together. If you don’t like wood, you have plastic. You don’t look plastic, how about glass?

Kitchen Cabinets also come in many different sizes and some are even completely open.

But that’s not why we’re here today. What I want to discuss with you today are cabinet finishes. Yes, that’s another factor that you must consider when looking for kitchen cabinets.

Now, there’s two types of finishes that are most common, acrylic and laminate.

Which one’s the best? Let’s find out.

An acrylic finish is quite similar to lacquer. If you’re looking to make your cabinets look perfectly smooth, acrylic is more your type. Colored acrylic sheets are a non-toxic, reflective, high gloss finish that is available in a whole range of colors. If you don’t believe how reflective it is, well, it pretty much resembles a mirror. It is also pretty scratch resistant. The laminate doesn’t really fade at all with time, it maintains its surface and looks smooth and glossy even after years. Any finger print marks, or stains are also easier to clean with acrylic finishes.

Laminate finishes on the other hand are quite different. They are a composite artificial material made by pressing thin layers of plastic resin and paper together. Laminate finishes are similar to stickers, you could say, for a lack of better words. They have a pattern and/or color on top and are pressed in factories using high pressure automated machinery. Laminates are so much more durable and hard wearing. They are also moisture and heat resistant and can be treated from antibacterial properties as well!

Acrylic finishes come in a range of colors that are all very bright and vibrant, and they retain their color and gloss for a long time. Laminate finishes have a wider range and you can get them matte, glossy, ultra-high gloss etc. With Laminate finishes you can also find them in textures of wood and remember, they are more budget friendly too.

If you’re having a tough time deciding what’s best, remember that you can go for both. It’s a very contemporary look that has gained popularity over the years. In luxury houses, it’s quite often that you’ll see both acrylic and laminate finishes being used.

You can have the upper cabinets of your kitchen quite glossy, with a nice light even color of acrylic finish, and for the lower cabinets, you have your laminate finish that I think would look best with a nice earthy wood pattern on it.

Acrylic and laminate finishes complement each other very well so of course they provide a coordinated look, and you get a mix of good textures and colors too.

Using both acrylic and laminate together, also makes it a little easier on your budget. You don’t have to worry too much about it being crazy expensive either.

Especially if you want an acrylic finish, which are usually slightly more expensive than laminates. Mixing in some laminate finishes mean that you get a huge variety to choose from and they are also durable.

It’s all about making it work. And now you decide. Laminate Vs Acrylic: What’s The Best for Your Kitchen?



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