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PVC Foam Boards - The Best Solution

PVC Foam Boards – The Best Solution

Posted on: October 6th, 2017

PVC foam boars are generally referred to as chevron boards as technical term. It is commonly used across the world due to its very light weight and characteristic to absorb every type of ink easily. These boards are commonly used nowadays as a cost-effective substitute of plywood due to its rigidity and light weight. There are number of PVC foam board suppliers all over the world offering a range of vibrant PVC boards that are perfect for interior decoration.

The reason that PVC boards are getting high preference over glass and ply wood is because of its low price, smooth texture, corrosion resistance, water resistance and phenomenal resistance against UV rays. Nowadays PVC foam boards are widely used in buses, trains, walls, ceilings and for various other uses in offices and homes.  PVC foams tends to absorb almost all types of inks easily making it a one stop solution for print advertisement. Following are some of the amazing features you can expect from PVC foam boards.


  1. PVC boards performs exceptionally well against extreme climatic conditions.
  2. As compared to glass and ply woods PVC boards are much more durable and last longer, making it a very cost-effective selection.
  3. As PVC boards are made with organic raw materials, these boards are eco-friendly and subjects to no environmental harm
  4. These boards are very popular due to its versatile use and numerous applications.
  5. PVC foam boards can be easily customized and modified in terms of size, thickness, design and colors.
  6. These boards are very adhesive friendly with a good bond strength.



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