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Acrylic sheets


Acrylic sheets

Acrylic sheet is also named Plexiglass. The chemical name is Polymethyl methacrylate. It is widely used in sign making, modern furniture, interior decoration and industrial use. At wuxi brilliant you will find acrylic sheets suppliers that offer reliable, genuine and cost-effective panels and sheets for everyday use.

Our products:
1. Clear acrylic sheets;
2. Translucent acrylic sheets;
3. Colored acrylic sheets;
4. Gold mirror and silver mirror sheet;


  • 1250x1850mm= 4×6 feet = 48×72 inch;
  • 1250x2450mm= 4×8 feet = 48×96 inch;
  • 1550x3050mm= 5×10 feet = 60×120 inch;
  • 2050x3050mm= 80×120 inch;
  • Thickness: 2mm~30mm;
  • Colors: available in many colors;
  • Special size can be made as per customer’s requirement.


1, Excellent transparency,
2, Superior weather resistance,
3, Good mechanical processability,
4, Easy to process, safe in use,
5, Light weight and good flexibility,
6, Non-toxic,

1. Advertising, sign board, digital printing,
2. Gift and stationery,
3. Fuiniture,
4. Back light board,
5. Interior decoration,

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